A short update about M-SDL

About three months ago we (Foretellix) opened up M-SDL, the Measurable Scenario Description Language. Several things happened since then:

  • That version of the Language Reference Manual (v0.9) has been downloaded more than 300 times, by people from ~150 organizations interested in the verification of ADAS / Autonomous Vehicles
  • We got lots of questions and requests for clarification
  • We go some excellent suggestions for extending and improving the language
  • In particular, the ASAM OpenSCENARIO 2.0 concept project (To which M-SDL language concepts were contributed) held a very productive face-to-face meeting (in Dresden, Germany) where lots of language topics were discussed

So yesterday we released an M-SDL FAQ. Among other things, the FAQ gives usage examples, complementing the (somewhat dry) LRM. It also discusses some upcoming features not yet included in the LRM (we are working on a new version of the LRM, to be released soon).

Please take a look.  Comments (sent to M-SDL@foretellix.com) are very welcome.



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