Misc stuff: A Michigan conference, and some overviews

Hi folks

I have been too busy lately to even write an occasional “I am too busy” post. Still, here are some quick links:

Novi, Michigan conference: I am going to present at the Autonomous Vehicles Test and Development Symposium next week. Also, we (Foretellix) are going to show our stuff in the co-located expo. If you want to chat, drop me a line (yoav.hollander at foretellix.com) or just come over to our booth (AV318).

Autonocast: If you have not been listening to the Autonocast podcast, consider giving them a try. The episodes I liked most (if you must know) are 111, 101, 96, 91, 23 and 22, but there is lots of good stuff there. These are mainly interviews, and they do this format just right, resulting in friendly and wide-ranging discussions.

Excellent Koopman & Wagner paper: The paper Toward a Framework for Highly Automated Vehicle Safety Validation came out in April, but I finally found an ungated version I can link to. As always, these guys write well and to the point.

New Rand report: There is a new Rand report titled Measuring automated vehicle safety (PDF, Washington Post summary). I am still working my way through those fairly dense 91 pages, but it looks interesting.

Finally, here is a fairly-comprehensive list of AV-related resources.


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